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Evolved Metaphysics the New Paradigm of Intangics

Intangics is a reversal of the perspective that the tangible gives rise to the intangible, and holds that the intangible gives rise to the tangible. In Intangics there are two realms the relative and the quantum realms. When we sleep we enter the quantum realm, a world where there is no mass and no limitation, when awake we navigate the relative realm where we find mass and limitation. The quantum realm is the womb from which the relative realm emerges and returns in each moment. When one becomes fully aware one is cognizant of their simultaneous existence in both as the singularity ~Richard Thomas Gerber

Metaphysics is evolving and there is nothing supernatural about it, what was called supernatural was simply something natural that was not understood to define it as something beyond natural was erroneous and a result of limited understanding.  Metaphysics is evolving into the new science of Intangics, where Metaphysics and Physics have been at odds with each other in Intangics they become one understanding. Intangics is based on the premise that the intangible gives rise to the tangible and not vice versa as conventional science has long held to be true. This is better explained with The God Particle Search for the Higgs Boson web site. In the past the intangible or quantum framework was not understood. In Intangics as in Quantum science the observer plays a role in cause and effect manifestations. Consciousness awareness influences processing in the intangible realm giving rise to the tangible, the observable universe. Intention and placement of attention playing a crucial role, with the sum of individual intention giving rise to collective intention which defines our shared reality by operating on the malleable aspects of the universe.

It is important to understand that in order to have a shared, objective reality with continuity in contrast to something ephemeral and subjective as in a a solitary dream a fixed framework is needed such as the laws of physics which provide the operating parameters for a shared objective experience.  The intangible realm can be thought of as the processing component and the tangible observable universe as the output.

The atom like God (undefined, all pervading non-linear intelligence) has never been seen, and neither has the source of your own being,  scientists have determined the existence of the atom by observing it's effects on things we can measure, using a lot of math. ~Richard Thomas As scientific understanding has evolved the visual model for the atom has changed from a small solar system of precise tiny objects to something very fuzzy and very unlike the solar system we live in. As we move to an understanding of the universe as an information system there is much more to be revealed and practical application of this new understanding to be discovered.  The universe might be best thought of as a computer with a base set of naturally inherent static functions, formulas and routines with clock cycles, and the observer, the awareness, as the programmer. The matrix concept is explored in more detail here on this site  programming the matrix.

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